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Specializing in Pain Relief in the Sault Ste Marie Area

Whether you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a car accident, workplace incident, athletic competition or any other situation, the chiropractic professionals at Myers Chiropractic Clinic in Sault Ste Marie will help you quickly recover from your malady and get pain relief.


Our full range of services includes:


Chiropractic is a hands-on technique that basically concerns itself with the prevention and treatment of your neuromuscular conditions, which largely include your muscles, joints, bones and nerves. This practice helps in promoting quick recovery and also in improving your mood with the help of joint manipulations. To sum up, chiropractors tune up your body to the best of its function.



Because acupuncture promotes the balance of energy within your body, its benefits are applicable to a wide range of conditions. Whether you’re dealing with emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression, digestive issues, chronic degenerative diseases, acupuncture is an effective solution to restore your body’s flow of energy and reduce pain.


Graston® Technique

Graston® Technique is a highly effective modality in Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. What exactly does that mean? The technique boils down to our chiropractors being able to effectively treat scar tissue and fascial restrictions while also maintaining range of motion for patients through both training and education.


Soft Tissue Therapy

The soft tissue therapy is a multi-dimensional mechanical form of therapy that is quite effective in helping you recover from body pain, improving your body functions and your entire musculoskeletal health. Chiropractors carry out this therapy by pressing or kneading the soft tissue structures in your body. It has several benefits like managing your pain and trigger points.


Shockwave Therapy

Commonly known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), shockwave therapy is primarily a non-invasive treatment wherein acoustic shockwaves are induced to the injured soft tissues, ultimately resulting in pain relief and faster healing. So, whether you are an athlete or not, facing pain in your tendons, shockwave therapy remains a workable option.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Interferential Current

Electrical muscle stimulation or E-stim, is yet another part of physical therapy that can treat conditions ranging from back pains to strokes and urinary incontinence. This treatment focuses mainly on mimicking the actions of the signals sent by the neurons to target muscles and nerves.


Rehabilitation Exercises

Apart from offering a multitude of therapies and treatments, our exercise specialists and physiotherapists constantly motivate our patients to actively take forward their own recovery by introducing them to various home exercise programs. These programs are tailored to every patient's specific conditions and include detailed instructions and pictures to ensure you do them the right way.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment tool used mainly for chronic body pain and active tissue recovery. We recommend this treatment only if you are experiencing chronic pain problems like ligament injuries, tendonitis, or even a frozen shoulder. Most physiotherapists make use of this treatment with the aim to amend the flexibility of your muscles in order to restore your motion to full range.


Athletic Taping and Bracing

At Myers Chiropractic Clinic, we provide therapeutic taping and bracing for correcting anatomical abnormalities and preventing muscle and joint dysfunction. Athletic tapings are extremely advantageous when it comes to stabilizing your muscles and joints and minimizing pain. We offer various assortments of athletic tapes and bracing.  


Low-intensity Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the most innovative form of physical treatment that uses a light-based technology, which is extremely effective for treating your musculoskeletal conditions and healing of the wounds. The low-intensity laser therapy technology is entirely non-invasive and non-toxic, and offers a maximized effectiveness in curing a wide range of conditions.

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Promote the balance of energy throughout your body.

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